Fall is in the air

Sea lionsAh, September & October…my most favourite months of all. The world sighs in relief after the relentless heat of summer…it is the perfect mix , the best of both worlds. Bright sunny skies by day, cool nights that make sleep come easier. Yes, the days are getting shorter but I love that too. Even our food is changing…easing into simmering pots of soup, stews. Cooking in the oven again instead of the BBQ. Call me crazy but this is my happy place.

Best of all…the return of the sea lions! Oh how we have missed them barking all day & night. Funny how comforting the sound can be, even in the middle of the night. I love waking up and hearing them, then settling back into slumber. We love to watch them go back and forth in front of Tall Cedars & our house. They go north in the morning, and come back south late in the afternoon. Where do they go in the meantime? Well their favourite hang out spot, their own personal floating dock at Fanny Bay.

Welcome back, sea lions ! Welcome back Fall! I have missed you both .

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