Fall is my favourite!

Fall. Yes, let the record stand I have already written about fall being my favourite time of year, and every year for the past 36 I have said to Colin at least a dozen times each year,” Did you know fall is my favourite time of year?’ To which he patiently responds, “Really?”

So, fall is here…and while I thought by now things would be wrapped up, leaves all dropped and raked, trees bare, garden finished, flowers done for the season, it is not to be the case here on the glorious West Coast. The sun is still shining warm and bright, although there are a few more rainy days and cool nights mixed in. But last week I drove my convertible all day, top down. And no, I was not wearing a parka to you doubters!

It is said one can work in the yard all year round here, and I have determined that is for two reasons. The first reason is because the weather is wonderful all year round, and the second one ….because living in a rain forest means there is a TON of work to keep the jungle from growing over one’s house/car/fence/path/chair ! I have discovered during this, my second fall on the island is that you can prune something one day, come back a week later and whatever you pruned has grown back with a vengeance. Especially true for the prickly brambles that love this climate. But the payoff is working to clear some over grown bit and the feeling of satisfaction when it looks so nice for that one week till it all grows again. Best of all, green is in season all year round here. And hey, gardening by the sea is never a bad thing. There is always time to lean on my rake and watch the boats go by .

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