Rain, glorious rain!

Well Mother Nature finally answered our prayers and sent rain on the weekend. Sadly she had to send wind with it, but I guess we can’t be too picky. It was almost as if the ground sighed in relief, and today the trees & grass are back to their vibrant green colour. Was it enough?? Well for now, but it will take a lot more to make a difference.

Having lived in Alberta for the past 30 year and understanding those weather challenges ( like snow in the summer)it is interesting learning about this new climate on the West Coast and all it encompasses. Living by the ocean and surrounded by trees the weather seems to be that much more intense. When the wind comes through the trees, it can sound like a jet engine. In the daytime, one can see the trees move, but when night falls it is a different story. A little spooky, to say the least but it can be a wonderful way to fall asleep, lulled by the sound.

Watching the ocean change with the weather is amazing. Water is water, right? Nope, not here. The colour can change in minutes, from a light green to a dark black. Waves where only moments ago there was calm, white caps where there were only ripples. This past weekend was the full moon so of course the tides were extreme. It always amazes me to walk on the beach where only hours before I would have to swim…the sea reveals her secrets to us twice a day…if we take the time to explore.

Back to the rain….as the long days of summer become shorter, and the earth prepares for winter rest, I hope there is more moisture to come. One can’t thrive in a rain forest without rain…and I dearly love all the offerings that come with living on the coast. Please Mother Nature…be kind to us, even though we are not always kind to you….Thank you.

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