Cucumbers, carrot and berries…OH MY !

Well it has started with a vengeance…harvest season ! The produce in this part of the world is unbelievable. Having spent years in Alberta where we waited till August for this kind of show, I am amazed at the abundance. The locals tell me everything is at least 2 weeks ahead. I heard yesterday the farmers in the lower mainland can’t even keep up with the berries ripening, usually they come one after the other, this year everything is in a hurry!


I have 30 lbs of blueberries, 20 lbs of raspberries all safely stored in the neighbour’s freezer, waiting for a cool day to turn them into jelly !   Eighteen gorgeous jars of cukes are ready for winter munching, as well as pickled carrots. Yummm….seems like a lot of work right now but there is nothing better than opening a jar in the dead of winter, you can almost feel the sunshine come out of hiding .


Next up? Blackberries….millions of blackberries. They are everywhere ! This too, was an amazing thing. I had never seen blackberries growing wild, only in the little plastic containers at the store. And now?? Millions…everywhere. I can’t wait to get picking and fill my freezer with them.


I have thought of my Mom many times while I was canning. I remember being in awe watching her stuff cukes in a jar till they squealed as she pushed…now I know why. They shrink ! So mine are doing a free floating dance in their jars…next time I will push a little harder ! There is such a feeling of satisfaction seeing all the jars lined up and listening to the pop! pop! pop! as they seal !   Makes me happy !



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